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Art has always been a presence in my life. Some of my first childhood memories entail watching my father work in his studio and traveling to art exhibitions with him. Through this I gained exposure to many Native American artists who generously shared their advice of handling various mediums and their personal experience of being a Native artist in contemporary America. Over time I found myself asking questions about what Native artists were making and why. There are certain perceptions and expectations that confine Native American Art. Holding Native American art to these limitations has caused it to remain stagnant. I question why these limitations transfer to the gallery setting and why they have maintained their presence for so long.

Within in my artwork I have tried to divulge the step in which Native art has not gone, which is towards the reclamation of Native identity. Reclaiming identity means creating a fresh vocabulary to redirect a dialogue, not merely playing with the language that has been placed upon a group. In addition to forming a different discourse in Native art through video, performance, photography and installation, I am interested in challenging and stretching the boundaries of aesthetic and conceptual expectations. The focus of my work is to create and uncover new truths.

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recent awards

• An artist grant from The Harpo Foundation. Click here to visit her page on the Harpo site.

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• An artist fellowship from the Native Arts & Culture Foundation. Click here to visit her page on the NACF site.

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• An artist grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

Web links

Listen to an interview with Anna Tsouhlarakis by NextGen Native, a podcast about what the next generation of Native Americans is "doing, and what ideas or energy drives them."
Click here to visit the podcast page.

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Browse an article written by Anna Tsouhlarakis about the National Museum of the American Indian's Artist Leadership Program. “Acts of Unconventional Art” by Anna Tsouhlarakis. National Museum of the American Indian Magazine. Winter 2013, pages 42-49.
Click here for the magazine.

recent projects

In December, Tsouhlarakis presented at Acting Out: A Symposium of Indigenous Performance Art in Santa Fe, NM. Click here to read an article about the event from 

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In October, Tsouhlarakis participated in the Open Fields Project at the University of Chicago. Click here to learn more about the Open Fields Project.

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